Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wedding Boots

Alright alright, so I slack big time when it comes to updating my blog.
The reason isn't because I'm super busy (which I am); it's because I get to the keyboard and draw a blank.
Do I write about my chickens? They have feathers now. So pretty. Silver-laced Wyandottes.
They frustrate me to no end because they are constantly clogging up their waterer with grass.
Do I write about my puppy? She rolling around outside with a stick in her mouth. The stick just so happens to be the length of her body.
Do I write about my son? He just came downstairs and still has sleep in his eye. He called me "momma" and "my mom" all day at the pool yesterday, so I'm feeling a bit elated. Not one did he call me "Angela" or "my step mom". Score!
Should I talk about my success in iphotoing one of my non-professional-photographer pictures from my wedding? Nah, I'll just show you.

So I'm off to scrounge up some victuals for my munchkin.

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