Friday, July 9, 2010

Happenings and Goings-On

At this precise moment, my munchkin and I are sprawled across the couch watching morning cartoons.
We won't have TV again for a while, but he doesn't know that.
We bought a mobile home.
The park that we're staying at isn't so bad, either.
I had my doubts at first.
Down south, mobile home parks are.. well.. -cue banjo music-
Perhaps, though, that's because I've never seen the decent ones.
Until now.
I digress.
We bought a mobile home because we needed some place to live while the house on our property is being fixed.
The hubs actually told me that we could move the mobile home onto the property and he would let me completely rebuild our house.
As for now, we're moving into a mobile home. We have no real furniture to speak of. Or dishes (one plate, bowl, and cup for each of us). I digress. It's our first place. We'll slowly build.
I'm pretty excited! Diana is excited too. She lets me know by wagging her tail so hard her butt wags too. :)
My chickens are not as excited; they're gonna stay here for now.
Oh yes, we have chickens.
9 silver-laced wyandottes.
I love my fuzz-butts.
This entry is finished now. You're welcome.

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