Thursday, November 5, 2009

Getting to Hope You Like Me

This is my first blog post of, hopefully, many. I do seem to have a problem keeping track of blogs I start, but perhaps this one will be different!

Let's start with a little about where I am in my life right now:

I recently moved up to Minnesota from warm and sunny Florida. Quite a drastic change in temperature and in the locals. Ya know?

My boyfriend/unofficial fiance (he wants to do things right, with rings and all) is currently deployed overseas with the United States Marines (Oorah!).

I'm currently- trying to buy my first car (why did I wait so long?!); looking at houses, via the internet, with my man; working full time as the baker at a wonderful little wedding cake shop in Edina, MN; feeding my addiction to hair/makeup/food magazines; figuring out how to tweet; and daydreaming about the future.

My interests include (but are not limited to):
Talking to/about the love of my life
Being the first one to use a new bottle of shampoo
Homemade candies
Homemade cakes
Homemade cheese
Homemade bread
Homemade clothes
Homemade anything, really
WW2 era things
Prohibition stories
The sociological side of history

There is a lot more, but you get the gist. I look forward to blogging about tips, fun stuff, and the general goings-on! Happy 5th of November!

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