Monday, May 17, 2010

Day Three

Today is the third day of my life as a Mrs. and a mommy.
It's my husband's first day back at work since he returned from deployment (marine reservist), so he was up pretty early to get ready.
The 5 year old I've accumulated and I were supposed to sleep in a good 2.5 hours after daddy left.
What bliss. Sleeping in.
We didn't even do that on vacation.
Didn't do that the morning after our wedding.
To put it simply, we just don't do that.
I was really looking forward to doing that this morning.
My 5 year old had other ideas.
He was getting up with daddy.
So I was getting up too.
Ah well, life goes on.
So I put on some cartoons for him, got him some cereal with "pretend milk", set out his clothes, and let him be.
While I can't go back to sleep, I don't need to watch him like a hawk.
He's pretty self-sufficient.
Our new puppy, on the other hand, is not.
She's a secret pooper.
She'll skulk around corners and potty.
Our fix for this?
Barricade off the carpeted area so if she decides to secretly poop, it'll be on a hard (translation= easily cleaned) surface.
The flaw is this fix?
We don't have a baby gate yet; we are using her kennel.
Being that our puppy is a mastiff, the kennel doesn't stay where it is for long.
And when it does?
Well... it doesn't.
We need something sturdier.
Also.. when she's mad at me for blocking her out of the carpeted area, she'll look straight at me, and squat down and pee on the ONE rug we have in the non carpeted area.

On another note, the hubs and I found out last night that we're getting the house we want. It's definitely a fixer upper, but it's inexpensive and we're more than happy to put in the labor it takes.

Okie doke, well... gotta get the boy-o out the door before his bus comes.

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