Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh Blog

I've been neglecting my blog again.
I didn't mean to; I've just been busy.
5 year old, new puppy... that kind of stuff keeps one busy.
Speaking up puppy, would you like an update right now?
We're going to the vet today for her checkup and second set of shots.
In order to spare her the unpleasant swab, we bagged a sample.
Know what that means?
It means I have a quadruple bagged piece of poo sitting on the counter.
The things I do for love.
She's getting so big too!
We'll find out exactly how much she weighs today, but she's already so much bigger than she was just 2 weeks ago.
P.S. Apparently, my new child invented the pouty lip.
Cute, huh?

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